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About Estudio A

About Estudio A

Working in a design environment for many years, Estudio A gained vast experience in designing logos and visual identity. The portfolio encompasses both large and small clients, with projects focused around creating logos, developing visual identity and rebranding.

The starting point for corporate identity design is deep understanding of customer needs.
Designing a logo and brand architecture requires intelligence and great creativity as well as countless conversations with clients. This enables Estudio A, as designers, to communicate the corporate philosophy, energy and character through a simple symbol or even a dot. At the same time, logo design must comply with numerous technical requirements and it must be universal and timeless. The best designs transcend passing fashions or trends.

It is crucial to understand the mindset of users at whom the services or products of a given brand are targeted. That is why Estudio A is user-oriented in our design process.

First impressions are crucial. It is often through graphics that customers come into contact with brands for the first time. One aspect of this is aesthetic experience, but the visual brand language should also help new and existing clients use the brand and interact with it.

Steps we take

  1. Research

The first part of the journey for me is in-depth research, learning as much as I can about your company. This means that I can get a solid understanding of the industry you work in and the history of your business. It also helps me understand your approach, your tone and your target audience. 

  1. Design Sketches

Using all this information I begin sketching out lots of different preliminary ideas. I also base these first sketches on where your customers or clients will see the logo. Through this process of sketching and editing, I pull all these elements together. This is the initial design process.

I make up to two – four versions of the initial design for you to look at. At this point, you are free to request any adjustments to one of the designs so that we can get it exactly right for your needs.

  1. Final Design Approval

After any alterations and final design approval, the logo will be finished in primary and secondary colour options.

  1. Presentation of finalised logo

At this stage, I will prepare a complete presentation of your new logo. As part of this package you will receive:

  • An explanation of each element in the logo and how the whole thing fits together
  • Mockups of the logo on different materials and in different situations
  • A package of logo files
  • A logo guideline

You will receive the logo in a variety of file formats to make sure that you have suitable options for both print and digital use. I will deliver your new logo in both primary and secondary colour options, as well as an alternate black and white style.

The logo guideline will contain all the technical details you need to know about the logo itself. It describes the construction, the safe areas and the exact colours used. This is all to ensure that the logo stays consistent through the course of its life.

The guideline also contains information about:

  • authorised modifications,
  • which backgrounds are going to work best
  • the smallest practical sizes for use in print and on screens.
  1. Complete your branding by finding the right typography

I will choose the perfect typeface to complete your corporate identity. The addition of other elements such as social media icons will help tie your brand together perfectly.

  1. Custom stationery and additional extras.

At this point, we begin the process of extending your branding to the next level. By incorporating additional items such as business cards, letterheads and other items. These elements enhance your branding and add professional finesse to your business image.

(I also offer an optional Brandbook service. A brandbook is a complete guide to the brand identity as a whole. It contains all the information about each element. This means that any pieces you decide to introduce in the future will integrate with your image. It also means fewer mistakes when you update your branding on other platforms.)

I want to help you make an unbeatable first impression. Research shows that potential customers make their decision in the first 15 seconds. Those that stay look for colours, images and branding. They want to see elements that tell them they are in the right place.

The Studio A complete branding solution gives you these elements. It includes everything you need to boost your visibility and increase your customer engagement. Your branding says a lot about you as a business. I want to help you say more.